Laura Smith

“In Laura Smith’s music, real emotions ebb and flow. Your heart is in her capable hands, and likewise, she has entrusted you with hers. As she sings, her strong, melodious voice waves and catches, snagging on a scar here and there, surfing on a wonder, staring down a riddle… As you listen, the two of you go along together; brave and surfacing; calm and inquisitive.

An ECMA and Gemini winner and Juno nominee, Laura has already experienced exhilarating career highs. Her 1994 album, “b’tween the earth and my soul”, elicited unbounded critical acclaim, enormous airplay, national television appearances and a hungry demand for live performances. From the stages of Denmark to Newport, Rhode Island to Vancouver to the Yukon, Smith has shared the secrets of her soul, laying out for rapt audiences her private, yet ultimately universal experiences.”

Come and enjoy songs from Laura’s new album, “Everything is Moving”, along with old favourites!